"In my quest to understand complicated issues, I create art that simplifies. My work consists of paintings, sculptures and constructions.

When I create a painting, I am alone with my thoughts. The images, though abstract, are pre-determined to some extent and filled with personal symbolism. Using acrylic paints, I convey messages through color. Oftentimes I visualize a positive outcome to a situation while painting. Focusing on the art and the meaning behind it, I make bold strokes of crudely mixed paint. I love mixing my own colors while allowing the wet paint to splash into another hue and create a new color of its own.

Creations in 3-D are suspended from the ceiling or are free standing. Balance, movement and light work together to create a new story and an exciting visual performance.

The works focusing on social issues present interesting challenges. I use lighthearted metaphors to visually describe heavy topics. The entertainment is meant to lure and clarify rather than take away from the importance of the messages.

I strive to capture the essence of an idea and present it, unrestrained, uncluttered and with interest or beauty."

Janet Mueller


Originally from Champaign, Illinois, Janet Margaret Mueller lives and works in Miami Beach, Florida. Mueller received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, College of Commerce, from the University of Illinois in 1975. She studied watercolor painting at Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois in 1978, learned to paint with gouache and an airbrush from technical artists in the 1980s and oil painting techniques in private sessions with Joachim Loeber in Key West, Florida in 1998.

From 1977 to 1984, Janet was a graphic designer and illustrator, as well as a producer of advertisements in TV and print. She was nominated for 30 awards for creativity during those years, winning 11, including a Best of Show for a direct mail piece for the University of Illinois.

In 1993, Janet M Mueller moved to Key West, Florida. She has had 13 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows in Key West, Miami, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and Lexington, KY.

In 2001 she was invited to show her collection of paintings in Rome, Italy at the Centro per L'Assistenza Sociale e Culturale.

In December 2008, Janet Mueller moved to Miami Beach, FL. She has been short listed by Miami-Dade Art in Public Places for projects in Aventura and Miami Lakes and selected by the Fine Arts Commission in Miami Shores to display works throughout 2014.

A solo exhibition of 10 pieces entitled, "Hope", was on view in the Project Room of The Painting Center, New York City in 2017. The exhibition of paintings and sculptures reflected the effects of poverty.

Janet was awarded the opportunity to paint an abstract on the courtyard wall of R House in the Wynwood district of Miami, Florida in 2013. She was commissioned to paint a new mural on the same wall in July 2020.

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